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Location: Kashipur - Uttaranchal
Date Posted: 03 Junio
Have you ever wondered the role Medical apparel play in the life of healthcare professionals? At CoolMedz, professionals from the textile and apparel industry have come together with their 20+ years of experience in textile engineering and apparel design construction to make Premium Medical scrubs. We use our expertise to develop this range of health wear to keep you comfortable and fresh throughout the working day.
The Fabric we use is engineered and incorporates inherent properties of wearing comfort, breathability, and antimicrobial Medical apparel. Our products are designed to make you look great and constructed for the whole day with a resilience that you and everyone else admires. For Medical institutions, we undertake bulk orders which can be customized for design, color, and function, along with the value addition of logos. If you are an institution, you can request us to send you a sample kit, which contains a set of scrubs in size M (Medium). Try them on, feel them, put them to the Test, and be acknowledged of a promise delivered from us. To be a part of the CoolMedz experience, contact us now!
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